Proclamation of the children's book day

Proclamation of the children's book day

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International Children's Book Day is a good occasion to promote reading among children. The 'Once Upon a Time', apart from stimulating the language and knowledge of children, it makes their imagination and fantasy grow. The message of this celebration for this year 2011 comes from the Estonian writer, Aino Pervik, who has written 47 books for children, as well as works of prose and poetry for adults. In her text, which as every year has been chosen to head the messages of this celebration, she invites us to think about how the characters in the books and stories have a lot of the personality and experiences of the writers who have given them life, so that every time one of their stories is read something of them is alive in the pages of the book, something of them has been immortalized universal memory every time his work is read, seen or talked about.

Aino Pervik's message (translated by Teresa Peña Díaz-Varela): "When Arno arrived at school with his father, classes had already started.In my country, Estonia, almost everyone knows this phrase by heart. Thus begins a book. The title of the book is Spring, it was published in 1912 and it was written by the Estonian writer Oskar Luts (1887-1953). Primavera tells the story of the children of a rural school in a late 19th century village in Estonia. Oskar Luts wrote of his school years. Arno is actually Oskar Luts himself as a child. Researchers study ancient documents and write history books based on them. History books tell of events that have once taken place. In history books, one does not understand well what life was like for ordinary people at that time, however, traditional historical books recall facts that we do not find in historical documents, such as what a boy like Amo thought when he did hundred years went to school. The book recalls the dreams of children, their doubts, their tastes and their hobbies. It also reminds the parents of the children, how they would have wanted to be and what they wanted for the future of their children. Of course, nowadays you can also write books of times past and these are often exciting. But in reality, an author today does not feel the smells, tastes, fears, and tastes of ancient times. He already knows what has happened, what the future had hidden from the people of that time. The books recall the time in which they were written. With the novels of Charles Dickens we know what life on the streets looked like to a child. from London in the mid-19th century, when Oliver Twist was walking around them. Through the eyes of David Copperfield, which were the same eyes as Dickens, we too see all kinds of guys who lived in mid-nineteenth-century England, what were the relationships between them and what were the ideas and emotions in them. that were based. Since David Copperfield is very much Charles Dickens himself, he did not have to invent anything; He just knew. The books tell us what Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and their friend Jim really felt like sailing along the Mississippi in the late 1800s at the time Mark Twain recounted their adventures: he knew deeply what that the people of his time thought of others, because he himself lived among them. He was one of them.The literary works that have been written in his own time, when the people of that time were still alive, are the ones that speak most authentically of the people of the past"As every year, apart from a central message, the International Children's Book Day it is also made official with a poster. This year, it has been created by the painter and graphic artist Jüri Mildebergius, aimed at the children of the world.

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