Books to educate with children's stories

Books to educate with children's stories

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1. Politically correct children's stories
James finn garner
In very distant times, to liven up meetings, it was customary to tell stories to each other. Those oral narratives, many of which made their way into the public domain, reflected the way of life in society at the time. They were sexist, discriminatory, unfair, culturally tendentious and degrading tales for the witches, animals, goblins and fairies of this world.

2. Stories to feel 1. Educate feelings Begoña Ibarrola
East book is a compendium of stories aimed at offering parents a series of advice, guidelines and norms to deal with certain problems, doubts, bad habits, anxieties and specific questions that children may raise in the form of a story. Stories are so important in children's lives that we must be careful when selecting which ones to tell. A story is for them a parable of life.

3. Stories to grow Eduard Estivill Sancho, Montserrat Domènech
This new anthology of stories, created expressly for this work, is aimed at children who are acquiring or have already acquired the habit of reading and addresses in a fun and exciting way the most important values ​​for the formation of children, so that they can grow up with solid guidelines, respect, perseverance, effort, friendship, improvement, confidence, flexibility, affection, etc ... Each story is completed with a pedagogical text with useful tips, and a practical exercise for young readers to take advantage of and incorporate the value that each story illustrates to his life. Dr. Eduard Estivill and the psychologist and pedagogue Montse Doménech have poured into this work their successful professional experience with children to provide them with the necessary tools for a happy life with well-established values.

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