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The magazine has closed the doors of 2010 with golden keys. To give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of this data, our site was consulted by 3.325.201 unique visitors in December, who have read 10.934.289 content pages. A great victory that we want to share with you since we consider your interest and trust as basic ingredients for the success of our magazine.

They are independent data measured by Nielsen and audited by OJD (Information and Control of Publications S.A.). As you can check in the audience picture, we have been in front of big media. About to turn 13 on the Internet, is the most visited Spanish-language magazine with parenting resources in the world. We take this opportunity to thank our readers for their participation, support and collaboration in our work, in the comments of articles, in forums, blogs, in our videos in Youtube, as well as in our profiles on different social networks such as Twitter Y Facebook where this week we have managed to gather more than 23 thousand fans, people to whom likesour magazine.

We are convinced that there is still much to do. The joys and satisfaction we feel for these achievements keep us even more faithful to the commitment to always be attentive to the interests, ideas and information on education, health, pregnancy, behavior, names ..., demanded by families and children. After all, that is what really gives meaning and value to our work and effort. Thank you very much and a warm greeting to all! Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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