More than 30 thousand people like on Facebook!

More than 30 thousand people like on Facebook!

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What a nice awakening we had this week in the writing of our site. Thanks to the trust and support of parents and other readers of our magazine, there are now more than 30 thousand people who visit, follow and comment on our publications on the Facebook profile day after day. Many thanks!!!

We continue to bet on social networks as tools for parents, educators, as well as other professionals to exchange information, ideas and experiences, because we firmly believe that this means of communication allows us all to be more in touch, regardless of the time or in what part of the world we live. Through this channel we can link our interests and purposes, our reflections and information, with total comfort, freedom and accessibility.

On our Facebook profile, we also share concerns, doubts and concerns, which allows us to feel that we are not alone or far from anyone in this very rewarding task of being parents. Day after day we upload new publications, with what you can find in addition to articles, interviews, videos and photos related to childhood issues. Full of encouragement and joy, we take the opportunity to invite new parents to join our profile on Facebook, Twitter ... where they will always be welcome. Step by step, like children, we are nurturing this great community of fathers and mothers on the Internet. We remain faithful to the belief that together, whether we are 30, 40 or 50 thousand more parents, we will always have a space where we can clear our doubts and "plant" suggestions and advice on the education and health of our children. See you there!Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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