Photos that teach: the challenge of parents of twins or twins

Photos that teach: the challenge of parents of twins or twins

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This photograph, that of a mother with her baby carriage, has been sent to us by a father of twins. He did it, according to himself, to convey that after the pregnancy of his partner the great reward has finally arrived, and double! He did it to tell us that it is not the same to come home with a baby as with two or three, and do the shopping, move on public transport or live moments as simple as waking up, eating, bathing, feeding ... The challenges are multiple for parents of twins or twins.

Thinking about the subject, I have looked for some ideas that can greatly facilitate the life of a family with twins or twins. Here you have them: 1- The organization. Planning purchases, time and activities saves worry and makes the day-to-day life of a family of twins or twins much easier.

2- The purchases. The provision of diapers, milk, pacifiers, clothes, bottles, etc., must always be up to date. Better to have more than less. 3- The outputs. To avoid delays and discouragement for them, before going out with the babies, it is best to do it in advance of at least 15 minutes. 4- Strolling bag. Bring the essentials regarding food and hygiene. 5- A diary and / or diary. Even if it seems that you will not have time for anything, always keep a record of the schedules and habits of sleep, breastfeeding, medical check-ups, as well as other habits of the babies. Remember that the fact that they are twins does not mean that they should have the same tastes and interests. 6- Cooperation. You must live parenthood and motherhood, if possible, always by the side and with your partner. Apart from that, it is advisable that you accept the help of other people who open and hold the door for you, or pick up something that has fallen on you, or who offers to clean the pacifier, the bottles, as well as heat baby food, milk, etc. There are images that tell us much more than a thousand words, right? When I go to the supermarket, a restaurant, or any other place where there are a lot of people, a scene often catches my attention, especially if it is related to children and their parents. Far from judgments and qualifications, I usually do it because I am passionate about educating and caring. You learn a lot when you set out to open your eyes a little more. Through a photograph you can get different stories, situations and realities. Thinking about it, today I'm going to start doing some articles on some photographs. I go backwards. I will give words to an image instead of an image to words and I would like to get you involved. If you have any photos that "speak" or convey a message, please send them to us so we can share them with the other readers of our site. You can send it to [email protected] under the subject: Pictures that talk about homework and the challenge of parenting. I count on it. Thanks.Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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