Psychomotor skills in Spain

Psychomotor skills in Spain

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Psychomotor skills arrived in Spain in the 1970s under French influence, based on the ideas of Wallon and Ajuriaguerra. But it was not until the eighties when it began to develop, by private initiative, with the celebration in Madrid of the International Congress of Psychomotricity, organized by the International Organization of Psychomotricity.

There is neither a university degree nor an official qualification in Spain to become a psychomotor. Consequently, in theory, no one has the possibility of working as a psychomotor, but in practice psychomotor skills are present in the educational and social health fields.Due to the great interest of many professionals in psychomotor skills, since 1996 different associations of psychomotorists have been fighting for the defense of their collective interests, for the development of psychomotor skills in all areas and for the recognition of it and its professionals in Spain. In fact, only two years later, in 1998, the associations formed the Federation of Psychomotor Associations of the Spanish State.

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