Sabina: origin and meaning of the name for girl Sabina

Sabina: origin and meaning of the name for girl Sabina

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Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for girls to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Sabina.

The abduction of the Sabine women is one of the most famous episodes of the origin of Rome, and has inspired several painters, among which Pablo Picasso stands out.

It comes from sabinus: "from the country of the sabines"

April 18, August 29 and 31, October 21


  • Sabine Sicaud, French poet (1913-1928)
  • Sabine Appelmans, Belgian tennis player (1973-)
  • Sabine Meyer, German clarinetist (1959-)

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