Meaning of the name Andrés. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Andrés. Name for boys

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Among all the names for boys we highlight Andrew. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Saint Andrew was one of the twelve apostles, Peter's brother, and one of the closest to Jesus Christ. It is a popular name perhaps for its meaning, which underlines the masculine condition of those who wear it.

It comes from the lexical family of anér: "man" and of andréia: "courage"

January 9, February 1, 3, 5 and 26, March 10, April 18, May 15 and 16, June 3 and 16, August 19 and 29, September 2 and 23, October 28 , November 19, 24, 28 and 30


  • Andrés Segovia, Spanish classical guitarist (1893-1987)
  • Andrés Calamaro, Argentine musician (1961-)
  • Andrés de Jesús María and José Bello López, Venezuelan humanist (1781-1865)
  • Ander Herrera, Spanish footballer (1989-)
  • Andreas Vollenweider, Swiss musician (1953-)
  • Andrei Sakharov, Russian scientist and dissident of the Soviet regime (1921-1989)
  • Andrei Tarkovsky, Russian film director (1932-1986)
  • Andreu Martín, Catalan writer and screenwriter (1949-)
  • Andreu Buenafuente, humorist, television presenter and producer (1965-) André Gide, French writer (1869-1951)
  • André Breton, French writer (1896-1966)
  • Andrew Lloyd-Weber, British composer (1948-)
  • Andrew, Duke of York, son of the Queen of England (1960-)

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