Baby shower favors

Baby shower favors

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No one should come to a party assuming they'll receive anything except good company and a bit of refreshment. But it's common – especially at showers – for the host or hostess to give the guests favors and/or prizes for winning games. You can give everyone the same favor at the end of the party, – that way everyone's covered, even those who didn't win a game, – or award different prizes throughout the event.

Here are some recommendations from experienced baby-shower planners and guests:

“For a friend's baby shower, I bought a bunch of baby socks and filled them with assorted candies and chocolates. Then I tied each pair of socks together with a ribbon bow. Everyone thought they were very cute. Some of the guests even gave the socks back to Mom a few weeks later, so she could use them.”

— A baby shower hostess

“I had baby-themed crossword and word-search puzzles for guests as part of their ‘favor pack.’”

— Stephanie

“I went to a shower, and the hostess had a craft table set up with cloth diapers (14x20 size) and craft paints, paintbrushes, and chunky stamps, all garden-themed: ladybugs, caterpillars, bumblebees, leaves, and flowers. Each guest decorated one for the expectant mom to use as a burp cloth, and the mom-to-be decorated a little canvas tote bag. It was a fun time to sit around and be creative. And the guest of honor got a great and useful memento of the day.”

— Kristina

“At my baby shower, we had gingerbread cookie cutters with blue ribbon and lace glued on. Attached was a cookie recipe to inspire the guests to use their cookie cutter.”

— Janet

“My favorite is sugar cookies in the shapes of bottles and babies, packaged in colorful plastic wrap or tissue paper. You can use a gingerbread-man cutter for the baby-shaped ones.”

— Carlen Bowie

“My cousin gave out mini ivy plants with a tag saying something along the lines of: ‘Keep this plant and nourish me in honor of the soon-to be baby.’”

— Marilyn

“The favors from my shower were flowers. Everyone got a rose ($1 a stem at the grocery store) and a packet of seeds, based on whether they thought I'd have a boy (Johnny-jump-ups) or girl (black-eyed Susans). It cost about $1.10 a favor. (It was a garden-themed shower.)”


“I've given many baby showers, and the favor that's the biggest hit is a bar of glycerin soap in the color theme of the shower with this attached little rhyme: ‘We showered (mom's name) in pink and blue. Now this 'shower' gift is especially for you!’”

— Joanna

“I bought net bath sponges and baby-shaped soaps. I put the soaps in little plastic bags and bought large gold safety pins and nice ribbon. I pinned a soap to each net sponge and tied a nice bow through the pin.”

— Beverly

“For my shower, my girlfriend had magnets made with ‘Donna's Baby Shower’ and the date stamped on them. It was a nice favor, and a year later I still see them used on friends' and family's refrigerators! It's a memory and a useful item.”

— Donna

“I bought scented votive candles (in sets of 12), pre-cut circles of blue tulle (25 per package), 10 yards of white ribbon, and a package of 25 blue-topped mini-baby bottles. The candles smell wonderful and look great wrapped and tied with the tulle and ribbon. The final touch: Hot-glue the baby bottle to the ribbon. Goes great with any theme – just change the color of the tulle to pink for a girl or mint green and yellow for an unknown bundle of joy.”

— Elijah's mommy

“I used baby bottles filled with candy as balloon weights. After the shower, I gave them away to the guests.”

— Rolanda

“I just went to a shower, and they gave out baby food jars full of pastel jelly beans with a sticker on the jar saying ‘X's baby shower’ and the date with some ribbon tied around the top. Pretty simple, yet cute if you can get your hands on enough baby food jars.”


“For my shower, we made baby booties out of plastic foam cups. We cut off the tops of the cups and cut two slits on one side of what was left to make it look like it had a shoe's tongue. Then we poked tiny holes on either side of the tongue and used thin pink or blue ribbon in the holes to ‘lace’ it up. Then we put pink or blue tissue inside and filled them with pink and blue M&Ms. Everyone loved them.”

— Jeannette

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