How your baby sees the world: Enfamil NeuroPro

How your baby sees the world: Enfamil NeuroPro

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How your baby sees the world

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Your baby's sight develops gradually during the first 6 to 8 months of life

Support brain and eye development with nutrients like DHA, found in breast milk and formula

Look for it in the list of ingredients

At birth

  • Sees 8 to 12 inches away
  • Focus is fuzzy
  • Get close and smile!

Around 2 months

  • Can focus and distinguish colors

Show him objects in a variety of colors

Around 4 months

  • Tracks moving objects and reaches for them

Offer easy-to-grasp toys like rattles

Around 5 months

  • Starts to develop object permanence

Play peekaboo

Around 8 months

  • Recognizes people and objects across the room
  • Set up toys for her to crawl toward

Support your baby's development by providing the nutrients she needs

Enfamil is the only leading brand to give babies an expert-recommended amount of DHA

The World Health Organization recommends DHA be 0.2%-0.36% of total fatty acids

Sponsored by our site and Enfamil NeuroPro

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