Myth busting: Carrier screening: Invitae

Myth busting: Carrier screening: Invitae

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Myth busting: Carrier screening

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A carrier screen can indicate whether you or your partner are a carrier for serious inherited conditions that you can pass on to your children.

MYTH: I can't be a carrier because no one in my family is affected by a genetic condition.

FACT: 80 percent of babies with an inherited genetic condition are born to parents with no personal or family history of that condition.

MYTH: A carrier screen can only be ordered by my healthcare provider during my pregnancy confirmation visit.

FACT: A carrier screen can be taken before or during the first trimester of pregnancy. Your healthcare professional can order the test. Or, with Invitae, you can initiate your carrier screen order for yourself at home and get the built-in support of genetic experts.

MYTH: I am healthy and don't have symptoms of any condition, so I can't be a carrier.

FACT: Carriers of recessive conditions typically do not show symptoms of the condition, so genetic variants can be "silently" passed down in families.

MYTH: My partner and I both need to be a carrier of the exact same genetic variants for our child to be at an increased risk.

FACT: Genes contain both common and rare variants. A mother and father can be carriers of different variants in a gene and still have a child at an increased risk for a serious condition.

Presented by our site and Invitae

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