Tips for safe road trips with your child: Michelin

Tips for safe road trips with your child: Michelin

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Ready to pack up your family and hit the road?

Tips for safe road trips with your child

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1. Check the car seat

Make sure the seat is installed correctly

Adjust the straps and height if needed

Keep kids 4 and under in a rear-facing car seat as long as possible

2. Pack emergency supplies

Spare tire and jack
Plenty of water
Jumper cables
First-aid kit
Extra cell phone battery or solar charger
Tire pressure gauge

3. Inspect your car

Check the oil and other fluids

Check your tire pressure

Have phone numbers handy for your car insurance and roadside assistance.

Use tires that are appropriate in all conditions, like the Michelin® Premier® A/S tire, which is built to maintain wet braking performance and handling – even when worn.

4. Keep baby supplies handy

Extra diapers and wipes
Bug spray
Snacks and drinks
Favorite lovies…

Stow unsafe objects

Keep any large, heavy, or bulky objects in the trunk.

Things like loose electronics, hardcover books, and plastic toys can become dangerous projectiles in a crash.

Stop and enjoy the scenery!

Taking breaks will help all passengers enjoy the ride.

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