Bottle feeding 101: Bottle feeding for beginners: Dr. Brown's

Bottle feeding 101: Bottle feeding for beginners: Dr. Brown's

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Bottle feeding 101: Bottle feeding for beginners

Choosing a bottle

Select bottles based on your baby's age, needs, and ability

If breastfeeding, try one with a breastlike nipple, such as Dr.

Brown's® Options+™ Wide-Neck


Before use, sterilize bottles in a sterilizer or boiling water

Feeding schedule

You don't need a strict schedule

But every 2 to 3 hours, or when your baby seems hungry, is typical

Warming a bottle

There are no health benefits to warming a bottle

But if your baby likes it, heat up the bottle in a bowl of warm water

Never use a microwave – it can create hot spots and break down nutrients


Hold your baby at a 45-degree angle, then tilt the bottle so that the nipple and neck are always filled

This position helps prevent the sucking in of too much air

Class dismissed

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Watch the video: Why combine breast and bottle feeding? NHS (July 2022).


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