Healthy eating and lifestyle: We're the Kahlers (Episode 2)

Healthy eating and lifestyle: We're the Kahlers (Episode 2)

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Dree: Morning!

Kelly: What are we doing this morning?

Dree: Smoothies.

Kelly: Smoothie.

All right, so what are we gonna put in?

What are these?

Dree: Nanas.

Kelly: Bananas.

These are just organic, ripe bananas.

We're gonna do two since we're gonna make it for all three of us.

Want it to be filling.

What are these?

Do you know what these are?

Frozen spinach and kale.

So I freeze some spinach and kale into cubes, so that way they're just ready to go, and I never have to worry about if I have fresh ones or not.

What are these Dree Dree?

Dree: Blueberries.

Kelly: Blueberries.

Add that.

We add some spirulina.

This is a great source of iron.

And I really, really, really enjoy the taste, like, a lot.

We're not vegan, but I don't eat meat products, for the most part. And Dree does and Paul does, but I just don't like them very much.

But I do do some collagen, and so this give some good protein in the morning.

I just do about two scoops.

And that is just some extra protein.

Also –

Dree: More.

Kelly: On a day when I'm going quick, I just do a gluten-free power shake – and it's organic and it's just veggies, it's vegan.

I put it in one of these and then I add extra greens. And this just, like, helps your thyroid and helps alkaline and helps with energy.

So this is just on an easy day if we're, like, running out of the house.

Dree: Uh-oh.

Kelly: And this is for the other days.

Dree: Mommy, uh-oh.

Kelly: But we'll add some of the extra greens because –

We'll add some of the extra greens since we're all sharing this. We need it to be extra greeny.

Paul: What do you say, Rowley?

Rowley: [cooing]

Kelly: Yeah.

Now we're gonna add some water.

Dree: Uh-oh, uh-oh.

Kelly: Are you worried about it?

Dree: Yes.

Kelly: The camera?

Dree: Water.

Kelly: Is it okay now?

Kelly: Do you want me to wipe it off?

Dree: Yeah.

Kelly: Okay.

Paul: What's up, Rowley?

Can you talk?

We're making smoothies.

Kelly: Where's your twin sister?

Paul: She's sleeping.

Dree: Sleeping!

Kelly: It's pretty green today.

Dree: Cold!

Paul: It's cold?

Dree: Yeah. Dree Dree's.

Paul: I put granola on top of mine.

Let's see how it is.

Dree: Dad, try?

Paul: You wanna try some granola?

Dree: Yeah.

Paul: Go for it, you want me to put some on yours?

Dree: Mm-hmm.

Paul: She's right, it is pretty green.

Where'd you get your shirts at?

Dree: Camping!

Paul: Yo.

Cutest vlog ever.

But I've been here for, I dunno, last three hours editing. And let me show you a little bit of my setup.

Cutest little girls.

I've got my standing desk.

Lights in there and all kinds of other equipment.

Yeah, been liking my setup.

Got all my hard drives fed through the wall.

So there's, like, basically no cables down there except the one cable that powers everything. And then, unfortunately, my subwoofer has to have power.

But yeah, other than that.

Like my setup, equipment.

These things have more equipment.

And, oh, you gotta have a charging station.

So yeah, that's my setup.

Kelly's inside now and she's just hanging out with the babies. Dree's sleeping – she normally sleeps anywhere from two to three hours – so I try to get some editing time in.

And we should be leaving in about an hour to go get some shaved ice, so it should be fun.

Kelly: So the last three hours he was sleeping for 30 minutes, and the rest we've been hanging out.

He's eaten twice.

And now we'll see if he'll go to sleep.

His sister has been sleeping for three hours.

His other sister has been in her bed for three hours and asleep for two.

So, so much fun happening on this Sunday.

We're gonna prepare dinner soon 'cause we're bringing it over to my sister's house, and then we're gonna have some lunch.


It's 2:15.

Dree: [blowing raspberries]

Paul: You wake up?

You wake up?

Dree: [giggling]

Paul: What are you doing, silly?

What are you doing, silly?

What are you doing?

Dree: Cold.

Paul: Oh, my hands are cold?

Dree: Yeah.

Paul: Or are you just really warm?

Paul: You let me know when you want out, okay?

Call for Daddy.

Dree: Dad.

Kelly: Right now, we are prepping for dinner.

We are going to get shaved ice around four o'clock.

We are meeting up with my sister, and then we're just gonna go to her house after. So we're gonna bring some dinner so we don't have to worry about it.

So we're just gonna have some sweet potatoes with white pepper, salt, and avocado oil.

And then I'll show you what we're making next.

These are hard potatoes.

And we use 50-cent knives from Costco.

If I had a proper knife then it would probably work a lot better, but it's okay.

Yeah, yeah, sugar.

Paul: Are those garbanzo beans?

Dree: Yeah.


Paul: Ganic?

Where's the ganic sign?

Is that the ganic sign?


Kelly: Since having Rowley and Pencey, I don't think we've cooked actually one meal since then. And everything's been just really easy, simple meals.

So garbanzo beans have been our best friends, and I don't even know what else we eat.

We eat potatoes and stuff like salads – easy, easy.

Paul: A lot of smoothies.

Kelly: Lot of smoothies.

Paul: Shakes.

Kelly: Just whatever's easiest is what we do.

So maybe when winter happens anyway, 'cause it's summer anyway, so maybe when winter happens then we'll be eating more real meals.

But it's still real food.

And white pepper: so good, so good.

I can only put a little bit because of Dree, and then I can add more to mine.

Next on the list we're making two different things: We're making chickpea chicken salad sandwich, and with the juice we're gonna make some aquafaba.

So you just pour the juice into the mixer.

Try not to get any beans in there.

Pour, pour, pour.


You guys, beans fell in.

So now that we have the liquid, we just turn this on for pretty much forever, until you think it's gonna explode.

I'm gonna mash some garbanzo beans.

I'm using a potato masher. It kinda works.

Kinda doesn't.

Some people shell the garbanzo beans, but I don't care so I just keep it. And Dree wants a bean.


Black pepper.

And lots of salt.

More black pepper.

Then just mix until it looks like it's combined.

One of Dree's staples is coconut tortillas with some cheese.

She can start with cucumber.

Take the cheese, put it down the middle because she wants you to roll it.

And then you just roll it, that's it.

Quick, easy snack along with her cucumber.

Actually this is lunch, sorry.

Quick, easy lunch with her little cucumber. And she's already had grapes and celery.

Paul: Dree Dree.

What do you got?

Show me what you're eating.

Kelly: So I'm gonna do the same tortilla but I do a fresh mozzarella vegan cheese, and I just put some black figs on it, in it? On it?

And I just put some black figs in it.

This cheese kind of tastes like string cheese but better.

And it's organic, which is really hard to come by.

Look how beautiful that is.

Ugh, it's delicious.

I've probably been eating this for two weeks straight now.

Every day.

And I would probably normally eat like two, but since we're going to get shaved ice in about 40 minutes, I'm only gonna eat one.

Okay, so pretty much I just added this to look, and then I added three-fourths organic sugar.

So you put this in the oven – no you don't, don't do that.

You can, but this we're making like a mousse.

So you put this in ...

In the fridge for at least four hours, if I can get this off.

You put this in the fridge for four hours and you just let it kind of thicken.

So it's already thick but ...

And then it's like a chocolate mousse.

And it's delicious because you added a grip load of sugar.

But it is really good.


Where we headed?

Paul: To get some shaved ice.

Kelly: Whoop whoop!

Those two things are very necessary.

Very necessary.

Paul: Gotta bring those bouncers, huh?

Kelly: Yep, if you wanna eat with two hands.

Hello, I'm not in housewear.

I'm wearing clothes now.

All right, we just got to the shaved ice place. We're meeting up with my family.

Very sugary, but I'd give it a ...

Give it a 7 out of 10.

Eight out of 10.

Paul: Seven and a half?

Kelly: Seven and a half.

Six and a half because that's how much it costs.

Paul: We just came over to the Baileys to do a little dinner and hang out with the kids.

How's it going?

Ollie: Good.

Kelly: Do I have to show us eating?

Paul: What?

Dree: Hi!

Kelly: Do I have to show us eating?

Paul: Not making the food.

Kelly: I already ate.

Paul: So we're just out here in the back yard.

Got Pencey.

And the kids are just hanging out in the treehouse.

Say hi?

Ollie: Hi!

Paul: Good?


We're having a chickpea party, huh?



Tell me about your car.

Ollie: Good.

Paul: Tell me about it.

Where'd you get it?

How fast does it go?

What color is it?

Ollie: Really fast. It's pink.

Well, I don't like pink, but it's gonna be camouflage.

Paul: It's gonna be camouflage. How you gonna do that?

Ollie: My dad's gonna paint it.

Paul: Nice.

Ollie: But don't tell Alice, because she will be really mad.

Woman: We're gonna keep some pink, though.

Paul: You should do half camo and half pink.

So here's our dinner we prepared earlier.

Kelly: Delicious, it's very ...

Paul: Thanks for the bread.

Kelly: It's very tan.

Ollie: It's very, it's very …

Paul: Oh, the color palette's just great.

Ollie: Who wants ice cream?

Raise your hand, who wants ice cream?

Paul: I do.

Alice: I do.

Ollie: So you get an ice cream cone too.

Paul: Oh, cool, what are you gonna get?

Ollie: I'm gonna get ice cream.

Raise your hand. Who wants ice cream?

Dree: Dree Dree!

Paul: Dree Dree wants ice cream?

Ollie: Alice!

Paul: Pencey, Rowley, you guys want ice cream?

Ollie: No, we want milk!

Paul: You snooze you lose, you didn't raise your hand.

Well that was our day.

Eating more food.

But yeah, that's kind of the day, kind of our way that we eat.

And we'll see you later.

Can you guys say bye?

Ollie: Bye.

Kelly: Bye, peace out, late!

Ollie: Peace out, late.

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