Holiday traditions: The Williams Way (Episode 5)

Holiday traditions: The Williams Way (Episode 5)

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Cortes: Hey, everybody. How are y'all doing?

Alisha: Hey, guys.

Cortes: So it's Cortes.

Alisha: And Alisha.

Cortes: And Valerie. Say hi, baby girl. Yup. And today we're gonna show y'all a little bit what we do during the holidays.

Alisha: Yes, our favorite time of year.

Cortes: Our favorite time. It's by far our favorite time of the year. Isn't it, baby girl? It's her first holiday season. Yay!

Alisha: Which we are so excited about.

Cortes: We're super excited. We were just talking about how last year we were talking about how at this time we were saying, "Oh, it'll be so great next year. She'll be, like, grown, and she can sit up and talk to us." She ain't talking.

Alisha: She's not talking yet.

Cortes: She's not talking yet. But she's saying, like, "ooh, ooh, ga, ga."

Alisha: "Dada."

Cortes: She's saying "mama" and "dada" a little bit.

Alisha: She's kinda saying it, like, a little bit.

Cortes: A little bit. She don't know what it means. It just comes out sometimes. We are currently watching a Christmas movie. We are watching The Grinch, the bad one.

Alisha: It's not the bad one.

Cortes: I like the animated version.

Alisha: I like it the most.

Cortes: She likes the one with Jim Carrey. I hate the one with actual people. I like the animated one. It's way better. Val was over there super into it.

In addition to watching a movie, my baby is making some chocolate-dipped Rice Krispies treats.

Alisha: Rice Krispies treats.

Cortes: Yay. So she has some Rice Krispies treats.

Alisha: So all I'll be doing is just pretty much melting some butter and white chocolate together and then dipping the Rice Krispies treats in there, sprinkling some, like, red and green sprinkles, and that's it.

Cortes: There you go. And that's our holiday dessert. This one is just one of the easier ones to make, and since we've been so busy lately we decided to opt for this. And while we're doing it, Val gets to watch mommy bake-ish, bake-ish. She gets to watch mommy put together some Christmas dessert and then she gets to watch The Grinch for the first time, which I hope she doesn't like it because this isn't a very good one.

Alisha: Wanna say hi?

Cortes: Wanna say hi, baby girl?

Alisha: Say, "Hi, YouTube."

Cortes: Say hey. What's going on, baby girl? What's going on? What's going on?

Alisha: Like Cortes was saying, we usually do this, like, once or twice a week. And I like to try new recipes every week. So I'm doing this this week, and then I'll probably try to find a new recipe on Pinterest for next week's dessert and then do it that way. But it's a fun way for us to kind of relax, chill out, like actually soak up the holiday time, because the holidays go by so fast.

Cortes: So fast.

Alisha: Yeah, so if you don't really take time to enjoy it, you don't get to really enjoy the holidays, period.

Cortes: Exactly. That's why our tree is up. I'm gonna show y'all our little tree setup. So over there, so we got The Grinch playing. And then we have our tree, so our Christmas tree. And then my wife put some garland up above our fireplace, which our fireplace isn't on right now 'cause it's kind of hot outside, but that has lights in it too with some ornaments. We've got the stockings up.

Another thing we like to do is wear Christmas PJs, which for me that usually just means, like, sweater and some pajama pants or something like that. I do have onesies, but my onesies are never, like, Christmas onesies. Like I have a Ninja Turtle onesie set that I like. I actually have two of them. My babe over here, she is obsessed with these holiday onesie sets. What's yours say right now, babe?

Alisha: Oh, mine says "express your elf."

Cortes: That's so lame, that's so lame.

Alisha: It's pretty corny.

Cortes: Cheesy.

Alisha: It's pretty corny.

Cortes: That is cheesy.

Alisha: It's pretty corny.

Cortes: Isn't it, baby girl?

Alisha: And I also have one that says … I think it's like "kiss me under the mistletoe" I believe it says. That one's really cute too.

Cortes: I like that one, I like that one.

Alisha: I love these. They're super comfortable to sleep in too, so I have, like, a bunch of these.

Cortes: Val also has a Christmas onesie, but she's about to get a bath in a second, so we don't have her in it right just yet. But she has one with little bows on it, so little, like, Christmas present bows, that's really, really cute.

Alisha: Yup. This year I told Cortes that I want to get him, like, an actual Christmas outfit.

Cortes: Yeah, she wants to get me, like, an actual –

Alisha: Well I'm gonna family matching ones, period, but definitely for him 'cause you never wear, like, the really festive onesies.

Cortes: Well, I don't, I don't, I don't. I'm not a big fan of festive onesies, even though I like onesies.

Alisha: I think that's enough.

Cortes: Yeah, that's probably enough. Yeah, that looks like enough.

Alisha: You think so?

Cortes: Yeah. Oh, that look good don't it? Too bad you're too young to try these.

Alisha: How's it taste?

Cortes: Tastes good. Oh, these look good, babe. These look good. Are they done?

Alisha: I have to let them cool off first.

Cortes: Okay.

Alisha: But this is, like, the gist of it.

Cortes: This is the gist of it?

Alisha: Super easy.

Cortes: Super easy.

Alisha: And it smells really good right over here.

Cortes: It does. Val's trying to eat some.

Alisha: I'm only dipping one side, though, because I didn't want for, like, both sides to be with chocolate, 'cause it'd be, like, a little bit too sweet. And I don't like stuff being too sweet.

Cortes: That's true. Yeah, I don't like it to be too sweet.

Alisha: While I let the Rice Krispies treats cool off, I'm just hanging out with these two, these two munchkins.

Cortes: Whoa, these three.

Alisha: Yeah, our dog, Leah, you're right.

Cortes: Always trying to get in on the action.

Alisha: Hi, boo boo, what's up?

Cortes: Girl, do you wanna play or do you not wanna play?

Alisha: There you go. There you go. She is so silly.

Cortes: So silly. Y'all, we were so excited when she started doing this.

Alisha: What?

Cortes: Picking up her pacifier and then putting it back in her mouth. Ah, ah, ah.

Alisha: Hey. Hey [laughing]. I think she's starting to get tired, you guys.

Cortes: I think so.

Alisha: I know. It's an hour until bedtime, so it's always a weird time when she gets, like, really sleepy around this time of the day. Because it's like, we try to keep her up as long as possible so that way she is, like, out for the night.

Cortes: Yeah.

Alisha: But some nights she just gets tired a little bit earlier than normal and then –

Cortes: We gotta adjust our schedule. Usually that means we just won't eat dinner. We'll, like, push it back, like, an hour or something like that. We usually wait until she's asleep to eat, unless –

Alisha: Which we don't mind at all.

Cortes: Yeah, sometimes she's on a good schedule to where she'll wake up right when it's about time for us to eat. So we'll feed her her food and then just keep her sitting there with us while we eat dinner.

Valerie: [babbles]

Alisha: You're in a talkative mood aren't you?

Cortes: Yeah.

Alisha: So Cortes told you guys earlier, but we have already started to put our Christmas decor. So we have the tree already up and, like, the stockings and stuff up. But I think that I wanna add some garland to, like, our little media center right here. So I went ahead and already spray-painted, like, the garland that's gonna go right there with the fake snow, that right there. So I think I'm about to go ahead and try to finish up real quick, because I have been procrastinating for the past, like, week.

Cortes: Week.

Alisha: Like the past week.

Cortes: Y'all see the stuff. Is the stuff still in the background?

Alisha: No, it's right there.

Cortes: All the decorations and stuff.

Alisha: Can y'all see it? It's back there.

Cortes: All that stuff back there, all them ornaments and stuff way back there. Our house has been filled with those, and we still got glitter everywhere.

Alisha: Yeah, we need to vacuum.

Cortes: And we've been waiting on –

Alisha: Me.

Cortes: Her.

Alisha: To, like, start. Well, finish this part. And I'm about to go ahead and just knock it out. So pretty much all I'm about to do is just wrap this garland over here on the little TV stand and then add some ornaments, the same ornaments that are on the tree and the mantle garland, and that's it.

Cortes: Put that up there, then we can finally fix the tree skirt, we could vacuum, and then we'll be done.

We'll be done.

Alisha: Like for real, for real.

Cortes: Right, baby girl?

Alisha: I didn't realize how, like, stressful it would be trying to make the house perfect for your baby's first Christmas. Like, I feel like I'm just so stressed about making sure she has, you know, like, a really festive home. So I'm just thinking a whole lot about it.

Update: So I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I finished the garland by the TV. That is it there. The bad news, though, is that the ornaments looked so terrible. I'm not sure what, I don't know what I had envisioned, but the ornaments just looked so weird under the TV, so I just took those off. We added some string lights to make it pop a little bit more. I think we are officially done now.

Say, "Stop being silly, Daddy." Got the hiccups?

Cortes: She's got the hiccups. She's sticking her whole hand in her mouth.

Valerie: [squealing]

Cortes: Ah, ah, ah.

Alisha: Whoa. Babe, you wanna go try the treats that I made for us?

Cortes: Oh, yeah!

Alisha: They should be –

Cortes: I'll bring one in for you.

Alisha: Okay. I was about to say, "They should be cooled off now."

Cortes: So, baby girl, you can't have any. So here's the treat.

Alisha: Valerie, you can't have that.

Cortes: Val wants it. Look, look, look [laughing]. She wants some.

Alisha: You can't have any, boo boo.

Cortes: These look really good.

Alisha: All she sees is color.

Cortes: Here they go right here. Disclaimer: I don't like sprinkles, so we'll see.

Alisha: But it's white chocolate,- though.

Cortes: It's white chocolate.

Alisha: You like white chocolate.

Cortes: I do.

Alisha: What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts?

Cortes: This is a winner.

Alisha: It is?

Cortes: This is gonna have to be tradition.

Alisha: Okay.

Cortes: But with us making the actual Rice Krispies.

Alisha: Okay.

Cortes: When we get a chance. When she's a little older.

Alisha: She could, like, help us in the kitchen and stuff.

Cortes: She could help us make it.

Alisha: Oh, so much fun.

Cortes: We can, like, put the bowl on the ground, and she can stir it all up.

Alisha: Okay. Val, you can't have any, boo boo. Next year. Next year.

You like 'em?

Cortes: Mm-hmm!

Alisha: I'm gonna try a bite.

Cortes: These are real good.

Alisha: Those are good.

Cortes: These are real good. The white chocolate goes with the Rice Krispies treats, like, really, really well.

Alisha: It tastes really good.

Cortes: This is –

Alisha: I'm here for it.

Cortes: I'm here for this.

Alisha: I'm totally here for it.

It has been a long day, and we are capping off the night by feeding baby girl a warm bottle. And we went ahead and turned on Home Alone. Cortes is over The Grinch. So once we put her down for bed, we'll probably just spend the rest of the night, like, eating those desserts and watching movies for the most part, I think probably.

Cortes: Yeah, yeah. She's about to be knocked out.

Alisha: Y'all. She is so tired. She's done a good job, though, staying up, because we were trying to keep her up for so long. But at this point she is, like, really tired, so she is about to be out.

Cortes: Sorry for getting all up in your face like this.

Alisha: She is about to be out.

Cortes: So we hope y'all enjoyed hanging out with us tonight and seeing what we do for the holidays. Like we said, this is kind of just a typical holiday night for us. We try to do this at least twice a week.

Alisha: We do a lot of stuff, y'all.

Cortes: We do a lot of stuff.

Alisha: We do a lot.

Cortes: We like being at home, so we try to make it fun. So making, like, the holiday meals and then watching holiday movies, things like that.

Alisha: Yeah.

Cortes: It's always fun.

Alisha: If you guys wanna see more of our everyday life, especially with this little one here who makes our lives so much crazier and busy.

Cortes: And more hectic. It's so hectic, but we enjoy it though.

Alisha: We love it. It makes it so much more fun.

But yeah, if you guys wanna see more of our, just, life on everyday basis, go ahead and check out our YouTube channel. It is The Williams Way. So go ahead and join our family, subscribe, and hang out with us every week. So hope you guys enjoyed the video, enjoyed hanging out with us, and we will see you all in the next one.

Bye guys!

Cortes: See y'all later.

Video production by The Williams Way.

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