How to wear your baby in winter

How to wear your baby in winter

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How to wear your baby in winter

Check your baby's diaper before you bundle her up.

Dress her in a warm, light layer.

Put your carrier on.

Put on your boots before strapping in your baby. Trust us!

Seriously?! Now you nap?!

Put your baby in the carrier.

Safety check: Ensure that your baby is upright, her face is not covered, and her airway is clear.

Add a removable layer for your baby, such as a hat or blanket.

Zip up around you both, but not all the way.

Aren't you glad you put your boots on earlier?

Check on your baby while you're out.

If your baby starts to sweat, remove a layer.

If her hands or cheeks become cold, head inside.

Fresh air? Worth it!

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