Low milk supply: Breastfeeding mom support

Low milk supply: Breastfeeding mom support

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Nomsa: It feels like this very basic thing that you are expected to do for your child and that you want to do for your child.

Kristin: It was terrifying and devastating and embarrassing.

Christine: He had lost a lot of weight in the first week or two of being born, and so I had to supplement with formula for the very beginning.

Nomsa: I pump every – twice a day – most of the time.

Christine: So I've tried pretty much everything that was suggested with low supply: moringa, fenugreek, blessed thistle. I tried the teas, I tried the cookies.

Kristin: The thing that ended up saving us – my middle kiddo – was to feed the baby when the baby cries. All the time. No matter what. And that, along with feeding that child on both boobs every time – 5 minutes then 5 minutes then 5 minutes then 5 minutes – like training your boobs to think that you have twins almost, to boost your supply. So I tried all of those things and then finally it leveled out.

Nomsa: I feel like maybe there was just a phase there, for whatever reason, where my supply kind of just needed a little bit of a kick-start. And now I'm kind of back on track.

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