Postpartum exercises: Introduction

Postpartum exercises: Introduction

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Welcome to this series of videos, which we've put together in five-minute bursts. So as a new mum they're really easy to do, because you can literally do them at any time, with your baby beside you or on your own.

Now, we've put them together in five minutes, but as you get better at it, you might want to put one or two of the videos together, or even repeat them through to make it a little bit harder.

Now, before you start, it's really important that you're well hydrated. And you want a soft surface to work on, so either on a carpet, or you might want to grab yourself a mat.

Most importantly, make sure you've checked with your doctor or your midwife before you start exercising.

Watch the video: 36 Minute Postnatal No Equipment Workout 2---Bodyweight Workout for After Pregnancy (July 2022).


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