Pregnancy cravings and aversions (Mom Confidential)

Pregnancy cravings and aversions (Mom Confidential)

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Sarah Bernard: Pickles and ice cream, or, in my case, hot sauce and green apple Jolly Ranchers. I know, it's so weird. Sometimes the foods we crave when we're pregnant are such a surprise.

Thirty-eight percent of our site moms say they craved sweets and chocolate. But also popular: salty, spicy, and meaty.

Woman 1: The cravings and the aversions. Like my first time with CeeCee, I couldn't stand chicken, and I'm a big chicken lover.

Woman 2: I ate peanut butter by like the jar load. Like I would wake up at 3 in the morning and eat, like, peanut butter, just like scoops of it.

Woman 3: I really liked kimchi a lot. I loved the smell, I loved the taste. And Twizzlers, I would eat those like crazy.

Woman 1: But I don't like red meat. And this pregnancy, with the baby boy, all I've wanted to eat is red meat.

Woman 2: Oh, Frappuccinos, which are like terrible for you. But in my third trimester I had to have one every single morning, and I would like waddle into Starbucks early. Yeah, they knew me by the end of it, which was kind of embarrassing.

Sarah Bernard: They had it waiting for you?

Woman 2: Yeah. They were like, "Good morning, Lydia. Here's your caramel Frappuccino," which was like a little embarrassing, but yeah.

Woman 4: You have no control when you're pregnant, essentially, over your body, over your cravings, over your feelings. And before you're pregnant, you think, "Oh, I can just –" you know, I'm like, "These other girls are like wusses. I'll be fine, you know. I can eat vegetables and, you know, I don't need all the carbs."

And it's not a matter of willpower. And that's actually – I mean, it's nothing specific. It's just that pregnancy's really hard.

Woman 3: The kimchi was really weird, because afterwards I was completely thrown off from it, after I gave birth, and I can't stand it now.

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