Prenatal yoga: Goddess pose

Prenatal yoga: Goddess pose

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For the goddess pose, stand with your feet a comfortable stride apart. Have your arms by your sides. Draw in your pelvic-floor muscles.

As you inhale, raise your arms slowly until they are above your head.

As you exhale, slowly bend your arms and knees. Open out and stretch your fingers. Lower your hips as far as is comfortable. Hold the position, and breathe evenly.

On an inhalation, straighten your legs and arms.

Exhale and lower your hips to as far as is comfortable. Breathe evenly.

On an inhalation, straighten your legs and arms.

Then, on an exhalation, lower your arms, slowly coming back to your original standing position.

Watch the video: Goddess Pose - Foundations of Yoga (July 2022).


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