Labor and delivery: Pushing past the pain (Advice from moms)

Labor and delivery: Pushing past the pain (Advice from moms)

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Moms share their experiences – and reassuring advice – on how they got through the toughest moments of labor and childbirth.

Thank you to Susana, Lindsay, and Marit for sharing their stories.

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Susana: What I remember is that there was a moment that I was so exhausted, I wanted to give up.

Lindsay: You hit this point of feeling that you can't do it. You want to give up. You start feeling fear on top of pain.

Marit: In the moment, it's just like, "Oh, my god," you know, like, "Can I do this? This is pain, this is intense."

Lindsay: But having known that it was normal – that I would reach a point and just say, "I'm afraid" – I remember saying over and over, "I'm afraid! I'm afraid! I'm afraid!"

Susana: In that moment for me, it felt like maybe I cannot do it. I was wondering if maybe, you know, I don't have the strength, maybe I'm not like other women. I even asked the doctor, "Please, can you give me a C-section? I cannot anymore. I'm to my physical limit." And then my husband was there and said, "Come on, you can do it! You can do it! You have to keep going!"

Lindsay: My doula said, "Your body was made to do this. You can do it. For centuries women have been doing this. And everything about your body is made for this experience." And that really, kind of, got me out of a place of fear and just feeling ready to kind of go through what was coming.

Marit: Each contraction I just told myself, "Okay, I'm not going to feel that ever again. That just happened. It's over. I'm one step closer to this baby coming out." And so I just had to keep that attitude the whole time, and she came out after three long hours of pushing.

Susana: A few minutes after I was going to give up, then my baby came.

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