Creating a calm and intimate delivery room (Advice from moms)

Creating a calm and intimate delivery room (Advice from moms)

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Moms share labor and delivery advice on who to invite into the delivery room and how to create a soothing delivery-room environment.

Thank you to Amy and Susana for sharing their experiences.

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Amy: I think my husband and I are hoping for a birth experience that is really intimate and tender. You know, like a very calm experience with, you know, dim lights, and some of our favorite music, and, you know, even pictures of our dog that might be in the room with us. It reminds us that it's us kind of having this and laying this foundation for family, as opposed to, you know, a medical event.

Susana: I had a series of preferences during my birth that made the experience, I think, smoother for me and more relaxing. I had low lights in the room. I had these candles – of course, they had to be electronic candles to not cause a fire hazard – my favorite music, my husband was there with me, my mother was there with me. So it was my preference also during the labor to limit phone calls and visitors, and the hospital staff were very helpful in implementing those preferences.

Amy: As long as you go in and you've educated yourself so you're not just only versed in one version of the story, but you're versed in all of them, so that you know what's happening. Also to just make sure that whatever path you end up going down you're not overwhelmed or you feel as familiar with the territory as you possibly can.

Susana: I think that these preferences helped me relax. I think that in that moment, the woman has to be very relaxed. Those conditions around me made me feel quite at ease with myself and with my surroundings. It was a bit like unplugging from everybody around and what was happening in the outside world. In that moment, it was all about me and my baby.

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