Melylah's birth story: Drug-free birth and a surprise daughter (ep. 46)

Melylah's birth story: Drug-free birth and a surprise daughter (ep. 46)

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One mom shares what happened when she gave birth and what she might have done differently.

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Melylah: So, I just walked through the gardens and there was a waterfall, which was really nice, and just finding outside things to focus on. At one point, I felt a really strong contraction and I fell to the floor in the park. It wasn't that it was intense, it had shifted to the next level, like this is happening, this is really happening, this is real because leading up to that it feels real, but it's not really tangible until you can feel those contractions and the baby's saying hello.

There was a number of ways to help alleviate the pain. One was applying pressure on my lower back specifically, being on my hands and knees was really helpful. The other one was a rice sack. You basically take a white tube sock, fill it with rice, and put it in the microwave for I think about a minute or so, and that became my best friend in the world. I kept switching positions and leaning against the couch and so forth. I think we're always trying to control ourselves, and I've heard so many women speak about like, “I'm really strong,” “I exercise,” this and that, and essentially in a sense the exact opposite that you need. You need to just relax and release and just be. For one quick second, I was like, “Oh my goodness, how can I do this?” Like, “How much further is this going to go?” And at that moment, my water broke. I had no idea what was going on. I was like, “Did I give birth, what happened? Like I just felt this gush.”

My friend said the second I walked into the door and I put my arms around the midwife, like my whole face relaxed, like a smile came on my face, and I just felt like relieved, like I was in her arms.

You know, I kept saying, "I have to push, I have to push," and so she checked me and she was like "Yeah, keep pushing, the baby's here." So, then they were scrambling to heat up the tub fast enough and I was continually pushing on the bed waiting for the tub to be filled up, enter the tub—it felt amazing. It was just the warmth of the water, the lightness of it, and knowing that this was one step closer to meeting my baby.

And, my husband caught her, placed her on my chest, and we're just all excited and crying and teary-eyed and the midwife was like, "Don't you want to know what sex it is?" We're like, "Oh, yeah." I mean it was hilarious. My husband held her up and started laughing hysterically and was like, "It's a girl," because everybody in the world, strangers, family, everything swore that it was a boy. I had strangers on the street stop me and be like, "Excuse me, you're having a boy aren't you." And so, it was in my head of like of course we're having a boy. We had the boy name picked out, and so it was just a hilarious moment.

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