Avoiding unnecessary interventions during labor (ep. 29)

Avoiding unnecessary interventions during labor (ep. 29)

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Knowing what questions to ask can help you avoid unnecessary medical interventions.

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Linda Murray: All interventions carry some risk and most raise the odds that you'll need further interventions, which in turn present even more risks. Here are a few ways to minimize your chances of unnecessary interventions:

  • Choose a caregiver you trust and respect and whose views on interventions ring true to you.
  • Have a dedicated support person and advocate, whether that's your partner, another loved one, or a hired doula.
  • Learn and practice natural pain-management techniques.
  • Finally, ask questions; in an emergency, there may not be much time, but if there is time, consider asking for a clear explanation of what your doctor or midwife wants to do and why she thinks it's necessary; ask about the risks and benefits, both medical and emotional and whether it might lead to further interventions; ask if there are any alternatives. And don't forget one last useful question, "Can it wait?" If the intervention doesn't have to happen immediately, you'll have a little more time to see if you can get through labor without it.

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