Lessons my child has taught me

Lessons my child has taught me

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My children have opened my eyes and taught me the value of life. Before when it was just me, I can’t really say that I valued life, but somebody that’s so young and so fragile can make you do things that are a giant to them. What are the minor things in life to me, bills and friends and things like that, and my own parents. So things really don’t weigh as heavy on me because they have showed me that I’m going to be fine.


They have opened my eyes to cater more to them and forget about myself.


You learn more about yourself and about the depths that you can have for yourself, and even when you’ve reached the end of your rope you just keep on hanging on. Also, the good times; what an enriching experience kids are in ways that I never would have thought as far as my love for them and how smart and funny they are.


My kids definitely taught me to be more open and to communicate with them.


One of the things is they really do look up to you. What you say to them really does matter to them and how you say it and how you do things. They pick up on verbal and social cues.


My children both taught me patience on a completely different level, and I knew I was never patient before. But they’ve – they require it of you or else you would just go mad.


My son has opened my eyes to probably the way that I spend my time needs to be prioritized better. I think these days parents are more and more distracted and if you just can remember what a blessing this child is and take a look at him and think that’s not that important, it can wait, he can go first.

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