When my child's first tooth came out

When my child's first tooth came out

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Parents recall when their child's first tooth came out: the wiggling, the surprise, and the wait for the tooth fairy.

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All she kept doing is put the tooth underneath there, check the pillow, check the pillow, check the pillow. Is the tooth fairy here? Is the tooth fairy here? Then eventually she fell asleep and she was ecstatic when she woke up the morning and found a quarter underneath her pillow.

When she lost her first tooth, she cried and screamed. She was freaking out because it just kind of—she had yanked on it for a week, took it out, and it was a bloody mess.

When my daughter lost her first tooth, she was—it was a long time. It was loose for awhile. She kept wiggling at it, wiggling at it, and it finally came out. She was just so excited ready to put it under her pillow and see if the tooth fairy was coming for it. So.

Of course, it happened when I wasn’t around. But she bit into an apple and she was at a bowling alley with her friend. And so they sent me a picture of the apple and the tooth. And after that, the teeth started falling out like popcorn.

She bit down into—I think it was a French fry or something. And the tooth pops out. And she’s chewing and swallows. So, she’s very deflated when she realized that she wasn’t going to be able to put it under her pillow. Yes. And yes the tooth fairy did come anyway.

First tooth came out. We put it under the pillow. The only thing that I strongly enforce is we stick with the quarter because that’s what tooth fairy is supposed to be. Is a shiny dollar or shiny quarter.

She was so excited. She kind of wiggled that thing for I don’t know how long. And so, when it finally came out, we put it under her bed. And I think I went in there at night and put a dollar under her pillow. And she was excited, but she knew it was me. She knew it was me and her dad not the tooth fairy.

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