Allowance: What we do

Allowance: What we do

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Is your child ready for an allowance? Parents share what they've decided about what age to begin, whether to tie allowance to chores, and more.

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We have a chart that my seven-year-old actually wrote out the chores. And we gave an amount per chore. And then they put tally marks when they’ve completed it.

When she does all her chores, she gets allowance. Her allowance is stickers or she gets to pick out a certain type of snack that she may want from the store.

I don’t believe in allowance because to me we, as the parents, we are providing everything that they need.

We don’t give monetary allowance, but she does earn privileges and movies and stickers and things of crafting because she’s into drawing.

Whenever Grandma, Grandpa come over, they’re always giving him $5, $10 bills. So, we have a piggy bank for him that we have him keep his money in and try to teach him how to save it.

If she stays on track, stays on the schedule, helps around the house, then we might reward her with something. Maybe her favorite restaurant or maybe she saw something on TV she likes or certain circumstances. Disneyland. I think actually at seven and a half I think she might be a little too young to start an allowance program.

I do give my kids allowance, but they do get docked pay when they don’t complete their jobs. So, it’s like—I try to treat it like a real job, so that way they know what to expect from a real job. So, if they miss a day of work, they don’t get paid for it. So, I try to instill that into them early, so that way they know what to expect as they get older.

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