My toddler's bedtime routine

My toddler's bedtime routine

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Our bedtime ritual was my toddler is taking a bath. Then she brushes her teeth then we cuddle up under the blanket and we read nighttime stories and then I say I'm going to count to five. and shut down the light.

She is really high maintenance on the bedtime routine. It has to be perfect and in order and exactly the way we normally do it and if we rush it it throws off the whole night.

Our bedtime ritual for our youngest is usually when she gets tired she goes to bed.

He kind of has set his own schedule and he goes to sleep pretty early every night about 7:30, 8:00, so normally he has dinner right before and kind of knocks hisself out.

Right now we don't have a bedtime ritual with her. we kind of just go with the flow.

If I would be the one who put him to bed, it would be an hour of struggle, I would be screaming, he'll be screaming, he'll be hearing no, no, no, and daddy would just have to walk in and "Caleb, go to sleep" and he'd go, to the bed.

We have a little ritual and it's very important to my son that we do the same thing every time. We have a bath and he gets in his pajamas and it's even important to him that I sit in the same chair every evening then he chooses a story and we sit and I read to him and we sing a song and we tuck him into bed and give him kisses and turn on some music for him.

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