Foods I give my toddler

Foods I give my toddler

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Your toddler's palate is starting to become more refined. Parents describe how they made the transition from baby to big-kid foods.

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I feed Maggie a huge variety of foods with hopes that something sticks. Every day she sort of has a different palate. So, some days I feed her fruit and yogurt. Other days I feed her meatballs. She also loves to eat beans. She has a pretty sophisticated palate, I would say. But if she had it her way, she would eat yogurt at every meal all day every day.

I’m a full time working mom. My husband’s a full time working dad. And we have a four year old and a puppy and my two year old. So, we don’t have a lot of time to be making separate meals for everybody. So, I really—I just want to encourage her to eat whatever we’re eating.

He eats the same thing we eat if we can get him to eat.

Now I try to feed her more of what I’m eating. But I—and I eat a lot of relatively healthy food, so I don’t give her a lot of sugar. And I try to cook at home primarily.

She likes new things like seaweed and all kinds of unusual things I wouldn’t expect a baby to eat.

I normally feed my son mashed potatoes right now. He really won’t eat anything else.

My two year old is on adult food ever since a year and a half. She is actually onto spicy food too because it’s big in our household.

I take pride in serving him Chinese food because by and by I’ll get someone to eat Chinese with me as he gets older.

My younger and my oldest have a pretty well-rounded—they’ll eat just about anything. The middle child. She is slightly more picky and her diet is cheese, cheese, cheese, and more cheese.

My daughter has four meals a day plus one serving of fruit. We never give my daughter junk food. Never. We don’t eat it and we don’t give it to her.

He’ll try anything once. But I do find that if it has a weird texture to it he doesn’t want it.

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