Baby registry: Top 10 must-haves

Baby registry: Top 10 must-haves

our site presents

Baby registry: Top 10 essentials

our site asked parents what baby gear they couldn't live without

Here are the 10 most popular items

#10: Swaddle blankets

Calm your baby while keeping her cozy.

#9: Play yard

Look for one that converts to a bassinet for sleeping on the go.

#8: Sling, wrap, or baby carrier

Keep your baby close and your hands free.

#7: Wipes

These go wherever your baby goes – you can never have too many!

#6: Bottles

Breast milk storage bags and bottle-cleaning tools also come in handy.

#5: Bassinet or crib

Don't forget the mattress, waterproof cover, and sheets.

#4: Nursing pillow

Support yourself and your baby while breastfeeding.

#3: Swing, rocker, or bouncer

Your baby can be soothed and entertained while you take a mini break.

#2: Diapers

You'll go through about 10 a day!

#1: Stroller and car seat

This pairing makes being on the go a breeze!

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