What the first trimester feels like

What the first trimester feels like

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In my first trimester, I felt really excited and luckily not nauseous at all.


I had a lot of morning sickness which was actually all day sickness. Just throwing up day and night. Any little thing made me nauseous.


I was sick all the time. I was sick until like the beginning of my third trimester so I just felt like needed to go home, needed to go to sleep, needed to have a barf bag in my car.


Pretty much normal except for more fatigued. You can tell that your body is really working on something that your calories are going to something other than your everyday life.


I felt very tired. I wanted to sleep all the time.


With my first child when I was nauseated and tired during the first trimester, I just took a nap. Well, then when you have a two-year-old and you are pregnant again and you are dying for a nap, you don’t get to take one. Then when you’re pregnant with your third and you have a two-year-old and a four-year-old and you’re carrying a plastic baggie around so you can try to puke discretely into the bag on your way to preschool pickup, it just—it gets harder each time because you’re dealing with so much more.

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