How long it took us to get pregnant

How long it took us to get pregnant

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Some succeed right out of the gate and others try for years. Hear these couples' conception stories.

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When to conceive—we'd planned it out, and we thought—we understand it takes a long time and it happened the first time out the gate so I was actually not at all prepared because I thought it was going to take forever.


I guess—I don’t really know how long it took me to conceive because I wasn’t trying, but I was not not trying.


It was our first month trying to conceive that we found out. We were in shock. I was not expecting it to happen as quick as it did.


It was really hard for me to have kids, very hard so they’re miracles. When my husband and I got married, we decided let’s work, get our house, and get everything ready to have our family. We didn’t have—we didn’t want our kids to struggle. Finally we got our house, and we decided to start trying and got pregnant. We had a big party on my birthday to announce the news to my whole family, and a week later, I lost the baby.


We didn’t have any problems getting pregnant. Pretty much whenever we wanted to have a kid, we had a kid.


We had to do in vitro. You do all this preparation for your wife to become pregnant, and then it may or may not work but then finally it happened. Now that we have our kids, you forget the struggle.


The process that we used to get pregnant was a donor egg IVF treatment. So it’s my husband’s sperm, a donor egg, my body. It took us three years from start to finish once we decided we were going to have to use an egg donor.


The pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned. She found out she was pregnant, and then I was very joyful. I was extremely happy because I’ve wanted to be a father for some time now.

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