Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: Finding joy in feeding your family

Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: Finding joy in feeding your family

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Celebrity chef Tyler Florence on why cooking is important for your family – and your child's relationship to food.

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Tyler: Right, so you definitely want to think about organic, right? Because if it's not organic, the way I see it, you can't trust it.

Lindsay: And if you can't do organic all the time? Are there certain things you should always do organic?

Tyler: If you can't do organic, from a cost standpoint or an availability standpoint, I think the big picture is just fresh …

Lindsay: Seasonal.

Tyler: Fresh, seasonal. You want to go to the grocery store and instead of shopping in the middle of the aisle, the middle of the store, which is all frozen …

Lindsay: Do the perimeter.

Tyler: You want to shop around the perimeter, so we're talking about frozen, about fresh vegetables, we're talking about fresh dairy, we're talking about good, healthy cheese and good fats, we're talking about good lean protein, and things that your children can easily incorporate into their diet.

We've certainly lost something from a generational standpoint of your grandmother teaching you and then you teaching your children, somewhere in the last 25 or 30 years, maybe 40 years, we've lost the ability to cook for ourselves, we really have.

That being said, the instinctual need to cook and satisfy your family, it's always there, inside of us, burning. We want to …

Lindsay: We just need to let it out.

Tyler: We want to provide a home that smells fantastic. Like if you can think about what your grandmother's house smelled like when you were a child, and to really kind of get those aromas, it immediately takes you back to that place, right?

Lindsay: It's apple pie for me, all the way.

Tyler: It's apple pie. And to me, it's pot roast, cause my grandmother used to make a pot roast in a Crock-Pot, and it was always simple but I just remember how warm and how hearty the house would smell when we would go and visit cause she would make pot roast for me cause it was always my favorite.

And that to me is what we should insist on our homes being that memory sense for your own children. Not necessarily pizza night every night.

So that's the thing about it. You really have to say to yourself, you know, we're going to cook, right? I'm going to go find a couple of books I like a lot.

From a child standpoint, if you have a small baby, again who's in that great age between like 4 and 6 months of age, where they're starting to sit up, that should be the most important thing you ever think about, is making sure that child, from the very first spoon, has a healthy relationship with food and cooking – and that starts with you as a parent.



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