Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: What dinner's like at my house

Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: What dinner's like at my house

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Lindsay: Well, hey, we have a couple more questions that just came in actually. These are a little more personal. Are you ready?

Tyler: Of course.

Lindsay: Well, you told us you tried all these recipes out on your kids and that obviously the ones in the book they liked them.

They want to know, folks want to know, what really is dinner time like at your house? Who's doing the cooking? Is it you? Is it your wife? Kids are helping? What kinds of things are you cooking?

Tyler: So, dinner time at my house, is what you would expect of a very, very, very full house, right? So we have a 15-year-old …

Lindsay: Who I met earlier.

Tyler: Exactly, Miles, who is just an amazing young man. He's an amazing young man, like when you have that father-son relationship where it's like you get each other's joke, you like each other's music, you know, cause I'm just kind of like a big kid anyway – like, we play video games together, you know?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Tyler: And the exact opposite, we take him to adult situations and he totally blends in. Cause we treat him like a young adult right?

And then we have a 4-year-old and a 3-year-old who are like …

Lindsay: Adorable, they have been running around here like the sweetest kids ever…

Tyler: They really, really are, but it's also like living with two wild raccoons in the house.

Lindsay: Foraging for …

Tyler: Well, well, it's just like eruptions and stuff on the floor and (noises) and that's like kind of like the other side of it.

Sometimes literally my wife and I will try to have a conversation, right? And then when they sense that we're not paying full attention to them …

Lindsay: Right.

Tyler: They'll try to talk louder than what we talk just to say, hey look at me, look at me. And then sometimes my wife and I will say, you know what, you and I are going to catch up in an hour, once we put these two raccoons to bed. You and I, whatever you're talking about, I really, really want to hear about it, but we're not going to win this fight right now, so let's just not.

So other than that, like, we cook. So I own a restaurant here in Mill Valley and I also own four restaurants here in the Bay Area – so we'd love to feed you if you guys are out in San Francisco.

Lindsay: Wayfair Tavern, amazing. Best food I've ever had.

Tyler: Thank you. Yeah, it's great, I really love it. We built this beautiful old tavern – the idea is kind of 1895. It's an optical illusion, we built, we actually built with painstaking detail an old tavern.

Lindsay: It's interesting, when I was there, you were actually working the line. Like, you were right there, with everybody.

Tyler: So, that's that. What we try to do, I try to have an early dinner with my children, like 5 or 5:30, so I have a restaurant actually here in downtown Mill Valley called El Paseo and then our children, our nanny, Elana, she's just sensational, so she'll bring the kids up to us and then we'll try to have a quick dinner together and it kind of gets them out of the house, which is also really great. And then she'll take them back, get ready for bed. My wife will join them. And then I'll poke around my restaurant, say hi to some people, put some parsley on plates and that stuff for the next couple of hours – and then I kiss them goodnight and I get up in the morning, I try to cook breakfast every day.

And I take my 15-year-old, I make him breakfast every single day and drive him to school so we can kind of touch base for 10 minutes and say tell me about your science class, tell me about French, tell me all the stuff you're working on, tell me about Jennifer …

Lindsay: Oh, Jennifer!

Tyler: I'm just making that up, he doesn't really have …

Lindsay: I was going to say, he was here, I was going to give him some teasing.

Tyler: But, yeah. It's really this kind of thing. It is a three-ring circus.

Lindsay: We can relate to that.

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