Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: Best flavor combos for your baby

Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: Best flavor combos for your baby

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Celebrity chef Tyler Florence shares his favorite fruit and veggie combos for homemade baby food.

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Lindsay: Another friend of ours wants to know some other unlikely vegetable and fruit combinations to try when making baby food – for example, spinach and bananas?

Tyler: Yup. Brussels sprouts and pear, really great combination.

Lindsay: Okay, would have never thought of that.

Tyler: Apple and beet is a fantastic combination. Apple, uh, beet and peach is a great combination. Carrot and mango is a fantastic combination.

Lindsay: Yum.

Tyler: So there is like … I worked for a chef a long time ago. And he really was afraid of nothing, right? And he said, there's not one flavor combination that you can't make work.

Lindsay: Spinach and banana?

Tyler: Spinach and banana taste delicious together! We make smoothies all the time with spinach and banana, and it’s just really delicious.

Which one is this? Peach rice pudding, which is really great, I love this stuff. So this is kind of cool, this is sweet baby carrots, apple, and mango.

Lindsay: I'll try it. This is my clean fork. This is my dinner.

Tyler: I'm not kidding, I eat this stuff for lunch all the time.

Lindsay: Sweet potato, mango, and what?

Tyler: Yeah, and banana. I'm sorry, it's mango, carrot, and apple. Mango, carrot, and apple.

Lindsay: Oh my gosh.

Tyler: Isn't that killer?

Lindsay: Yeah, I can actually taste all three. I can taste the sweetness of the roasted carrots, the tart of the apple, that smoothness of the mango. That's really good.

Tyler: Boom. Isn't that gorgeous?

Lindsay: How do you feel about, I will occasionally/every day, throw spinach into my kids' smoothies in the morning. They don't know about it.

Tyler: They absolutely don't know about it. And that's what I'm saying, like, as early as you can adopt even the idea of chlorophyll, and that's what we're talking about anything green, like that old timey thing that you gotta eat something green every day, right?

So as soon as you can start putting that into their drinks. Our small children, they drink "green drink" all the time. Right? And that's spinach, apple juice, banana, you know, sometimes it's got strawberry in it, sometimes it's got blueberry in it, a little bit flax seed …

Lindsay: Do they know they're drinking all these things?

Tyler: It's just green drink, they don't, they have no idea. No idea.

Lindsay: I'm so glad to hear that. I try not to hide vegetables. I'm big about they should know what they eat. But spinach?

Tyler: I think the hiding vegetable thing is actually really dangerous.

Lindsay: Spinach I will throw into a smoothie absolutely.

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