Hispanic lullaby: Cucú Cantaba la Rana

Hispanic lullaby: Cucú Cantaba la Rana

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Listen to a recording of "Cucú Cantaba la Rana," and get the lyrics for this Latino children's song.

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Cucú cantaba la rana

Cucú, cucú, cantaba la rana.
Cucú, cucú, debajo del agua.
Cucú, cucú, pasó un marinero.
Cucú, cucú, llevando romero.
Cucú, cucú, pasó una criada.
Cucú, cucú, llevando ensalada.
Cucú, cucú, pasó un caballero.
Cucú, cucú, con capa y sombrero.
Cucú, cucú, pasó una señora.
Cucú, cucú, llevando unas moras.
Cucú, cucú, le pedí un poquito.
Cucú, cucú, no me quiso dar.
Cucú, cucú, me puse a llorar.

English translation

Ribbit, ribbit, sang the frog

Ribbit, ribbit sang the frog
ribbit, ribbit beneath the bog
ribbit, ribbit came a sailor
ribbit, ribbit going to a tailor
ribbit, ribbit walked a housemaid
ribbit, ribbit carrying lemonade
ribbit, ribbit walked a gentleman
ribbit, ribbit with a cape and turban
ribbit, ribbit walked a lady
ribbit, ribbit carrying berries
ribbit, ribbit I asked for some
ribbit, ribbit she gave me none
ribbit, ribbit and I began to cry.

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